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About us

We put our specific know-how at your service

With 15 years of experience in all plumbing, heating and sanitary work, we put our expertise at your disposal to carry out your projects.
We master all the techniques required from the evaluation of the work to the after-sales service passing through the installation.

Our expertise

Geberit mat-press and PE

For closed-circuit heating water installations, cooling systems and compressed water networks, we use Geberit Mapress fittings, a simple and safe system with in particular its protective cap.

Crimping – Bonding

Several types of pipes exist to connect the different water pipes. The fittings can be screwed, welded or crimped.

Crimping is a very good joining process for the multilayer pipes we use resulting in high strength and long life.

Assembly – Welding or Soldering

In order to assemble the different pipes, there are several methods such as soldering or soldering which are common in plumbing and which we use.

The metals of the parts to be assembled in welding are identical in their compositions while in brazing the metals are different. Brazing unlike solder uses the principle of capillarity.

You have a project you want to achieve!

Our values

Quality of work

We have been professionals for 30 years and put our technical know-how at your service

After sales service

We support you throughout our work, and even after!

Tailor-made advice and achievements

We adapt to your desires and offer you the best solutions

Family team

Because trust is essential, we value loyalty and proximity to our customers

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Fox Leman are committed to doing their business with the best possible respect for environmental standards. To do this, we offer geothermal or heat pump type solutions.

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